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Dental Holiday Turkey was founded 2003 in Izmir – Turkey. 

Dental Holiday Turkey provide high quality dental treatments in Turkey and your dream holiday. You can choose your holiday destination and get your perfect smile with DHT! 

If you any questions please feel free to usk our professional dental team right now. 

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Dental Holiday in Turkey, Reviews, Price 2022

Dental Holiday in Turkey is gaining popularity amongst expatriates looking for high-quality dental services outside their home country.

With more people living in apartments and tiny houses worldwide, the need to have a dentist nearby is crucial. Dental treatments in Turkey are very reasonable when compared to other major cities in Europe and the U.S.A. Dental Holiday Izmir, you can get top-class dental services at very competitive prices.

There are several dental clinics in Izmir that you could choose from. The most important thing you should do before making a decision is to compare the rates. Dental treatments are very affordable in Izmir. As mentioned above, there are many dentist clinics in Izmir located in the area. Therefore, the competition between the clinics for a particular tourist can be fierce. However, with some research, you should choose a dentist with whom you feel comfortable and at a price that you can afford.

Why Dental Travel to Turkey? 

Dental Clinics in Izmir are usually classified according to the type of services that they provide. If you are interested in having dental work done, you will need to identify which variety of services the clinic offers. For instance, if you have a crown or a bridge put in, you will need to specify this in your initial inquiry to the clinic. This can make finding a dentist in Izmir a much easier task, especially if you have specific requirements such as particular crowns.

Finally, when searching for a dentist in Izmir, you will find that the city has many dentists who belong to different professional associations. The Turkish Medical Society and the Federation of Dentists and Gum Contractors are two such professional bodies. Therefore, if you do not belong to any of these groups, it may be good to contact your dentist directly.

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