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Dental Holiday Turkey was founded 2003 in Izmir – Turkey. 

Dental Holiday Turkey provide high quality dental treatments in Turkey and your dream holiday. You can choose your holiday destination and get your perfect smile with DHT! 

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Smile Design in Turkey

The expression “The most beautiful make-up is the beautiful smile” wasn’t just a cliché. You can capture your ideal smile and draw the most attention to it with smile design.

What is the definition of smile design?

Smile design is a treatment that is tailored to the patient’s individual needs. The smile design is based on the measurements of the patient’s face. It also considers aesthetic criteria such as the patient’s smile, facial shape, smile, color, tooth shape, and gum size. We can offer treatment options if there is a problem with the shade of your teeth. For example, whitening can be used to make your teeth look one or two shades whiter.

How can it be done?

Digital smile design can often be done digitally. This allows the dentist to make the necessary adjustments, in a way that is appropriate for the individual’s jaw and facial structures, on top-quality teeth. To help the patient visualize the final appearance of his mouth after treatment, a model similar to the one shown here is made. This model uses special materials such as laminate, composite, luminaires, inlay inserts, bonding, and full porcelain crowns.

What are the steps to follow?

After measuring the patient with the optical cam, The connected computer will automatically transfer the image and measurements to the patient. When designing the ideal smile, it is important to consider the size and appearance of the lips. It is possible to correct lipid disorders by performing simple procedures.

Who is the right person for it?

Smile design can be beneficial for those who are unhappy about their teeth or gums, or who cannot get the whiteness that they want in their teeth.

How long does it take?

It depends on what treatment is being done. It may take one to two sessions, or more depending on how severe the condition.

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